6 Week Slim Down

This program was built to start a lifestyle and weight loss transformation

You have what it takes and The 6 Week Slim Down provides you with all the resources needed to start improving your health and wellness.


You will be provided with an accountability coach! This coach will keep you on track, give useful tips/tricks to help you be successful, and answer any questions you have. Your coach will contact you via text message throughout the challenge and you will send the accountability tracker below to your coach each week!


Exercise is a key component of a healthy lifestyle, and the 6 Week Slim Down provides you with challenging workouts that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. These workouts range from 15-30 minutes and are completed with simple equipment that can be ordered online. The workouts are designed to increase your strength while getting your heart rate up for the recommended time for cardiovascular benefits (75 min of vigorous or 150 min of moderate intensity exercise per week).


Our nutrition plans were designed to be sustainable! That means no more crash diets that are impossible to follow, and no more giving up all of the foods that you love. Our plans are focused on portion control and things that you should eat often, not restricting anything that's delicious. The 6 Week Slim Down plans are created in different levels to be a better fit for your specific age, gender, current weight, and goals!


With your membership you will also gain access to our private Facebook group. This group allows members to encourage and support each other as we all strive to live a healthier life. This group will also include bonus challenges, special offers, and nutrition hacks to get even better results!

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