About Witness Your Fitness

Losing weight doesn't need to be complicated, miserable, or impossible to afford.

We strive to be different than the flooded and expensive weight loss market. We have seen the frustration of people starting programs, struggling to lose weight, and then gaining it all back after. This isn't a self-discipline problem, it's a program problem. People trying to lose weight are awesome! They are often the most determined individuals to work with, yet long term success continues to be rare in this industry. We plan to change that. People often lose weight on various diet and exercise programs but don't keep it off because those programs don't evolve with their journey. They become too time consuming, difficult, or expensive to maintain. People have a bad weekend and completely fall of the wagon because there's no one there to help them get back on track. We will always offer our members that support. Our program has been created to evolve and change with the lives of our members. Our nutrition plans, workouts, and accountability services will continue to adapt and become more personalized as you progress through your lifestyle transformation.

The Keys to Our Program's Success

These three keys continue to adapt and evolve with you on your fitness journey


All members start with our 6 Week Slim Down nutrition template. This template is designed to teach members the basics of weight loss nutrition and upon completion of the 6 Week Slim Down, helps guide the customization of their next nutrition plan. All nutrition plans are research based, and created around the basic concepts of maintainable caloric restriction and high protein intake.


Every person on a fitness journey NEEDS accountability! This is a vital part of success. Our accountability and fitness coaches provide all day access to their health and wellness expertise. Not only will all your questions be answered, but our coaches will be checking in with you consistently! This allows us to continue to monitor your progress and problem solve any areas of difficulty.


We ask for 30 minutes of exercise per day 5 days per week from all our members. That's only 2.5/168 hours in a week, and the health benefits of reaching this number are huge! Our challenge members will complete at home workouts with minimal equipment, while our other members will gain access to customized workouts for a variety of settings.

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