Forever Fit Plan

An added bonus for your commitment

You have committed to yourself and improve your health and wellness. Due to your dedication, we will provide you with customized workout and nutrition plan made specifically for you by your accountability coach. You receive this once you have completed the challenge and participated in the Next Step Program for 3 months OR commit to a membership for 6 months or longer.

Personalized Workouts

Your accountability coach will write you a personalized workout routine. You will collaborate with your coach providing them with information about body parts you would like to focus on, equipment you have available, and the number of days you are willing to exercise per week. They will then provide you with challenging workouts that can continue to be altered and progressed whenever needed!

Custom Nutrition Plan

Your coach will also create a custom nutrition plan for your specific situation. This will include planning what time of day you will eat and helping with portion control! They will also help you plan for "cheat days" and introduce you to different applications that can help you improve your nutrition and water intake.

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